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First "Fieldwork"

We had the "garage sale" yesterday at Section 15. Crowd turnout wasn't that good. Not enough promotion I think. Anyway, we managed to sell half of our cupcakes and surprisingly, the half sold actually dapat balik modal and got a bit of profit. Interesting... The other half of the cupcakes we actually give out as samples. Also managed to sell off 3 pairs of Aliyah's shoes - in very good condition and branded too - Kickers, Garfield and Adidas, and a few books.

It was tiring but it was quite fun.
Our stall. We sold cupcakes both with icing and without, the cotton baju kurung for kids, some old clothes of mine and Yatt's, my old magazines and books.
Kasut Aliyah tinggal ni je!

Our cupcakes - yang green tu coconut, yellow tu lemon and last ones chocolate.