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Aliyah Has New Phone

Aliyah has been using her Abah's old S1, which was previously Uncle Muzz's. Selalu komplen phone dia slow. One fine night, the phone just died. Attempts to revive it, or restart it, failed. You wouldn't believe how a teenager's face looked like when her phone died - horror, depressed, like her whole world just came crashing down. And she spent her time watching TV sulking, while intermittently borrowing her Abah's phone.

So, we got her a new phone. Well, her Abah did. I, being very me, would rather let my teenage daughter experience the primeval life without phone for a couple of weeks. Just for old times' sake. But then, life would be very, very bleak having her sulk and sigh, and sulk and sigh...

Anyway, as we always say, Aliyah ni selalu murah rezeki. From the moment she was born. Alhamdulillah. The story goes like this. Just 2 days before that horrendous event (of the phone dying), a friend/customer came and had a chat with Hubby, about a lot of stuff, including him being an employer of a certain Telco that has access to new phones in the market. Apparently, the privilege include having this "code" to buy the phones, for limited time only, or limited purchase only. I think that's how it works.

So, Hubby called him up asking a favour - if he can have the code to buy a new phone for Aliyah (since that guy has no intention of using the privilege). He agreed because it's for our sweet daughter. So, the new phone was bought at, I think about 60-70% less from market price. Two days later the phone arrived. It's the new Huawei Honor 6. White. Sleek. Just like an iPhone.

And now, we have one cheerful, and very obedient teenager in the house :). Also, a present for her for being No 5 in her class for her March exam. Or 105/500++ throughout the Form 2s. Mommy jugak pakai S3 Mini yang dah makin slow ni...