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Baju Kurung Cotton Kids

Our baju kurung cotton for kids side business is progressing quite well even though Ramadhan has just started. Last year busy sikit towards the end, this year people have started buying and inquiring before puasa even started. This year, the materials we found are actually "biasa". Why I say biasa because last year we found materials yang orang lain tak jual. And those materials - tahun ni baru orang start jual. For example - the polkadot materials - yang tu last year lagi we all dah jual. The ones yang tengah hot hot sekarang ie big polkadots and butterflies - those are Aliyah's baju raya last year!

Linda and I scouted around trying to find different kinds of materials and did found a few. Those are the ones we are selling now. Tapi not much choice actually. One that we found yang sedang hot stuff is the mickey mouse material - big mickey mouse design in adorable colours. We found other people sell the small mickey mouse design.

Anyway, we are having fun at this. This is once a year activity. Besides a chance to make extra money, it is also our contribution to helping my sister who is a tailor. Nowadays, I send her materials to sew every other day. Itu niat sebenarnya dan semoga Allah berkati.

So, if you wish to get baju kurung cotton kanak-kanak - yang dah sedia dijahit atau custom make, can always visit us at Baju Kurung Cotton for Kids