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I applaud the latest effort to track missing children called NURIN Alert (Nationwide Urgent Response Information Network). Hope the authorities will work together to come up with the policy, method, flow, etc and make it an effective mechanism. I can't believe we need to wait 24 hours before we can lodge missing children report to the police. Kalau memang case run away from home tak apa, but what if abduction and the children ended up dead?

I'm sure we the public would like to help out. So, the mechanism must include everybody. The latest car theft cum child abduction was a good case study. I got an email at about 9.30am about the abduction along with useful info like type of car, plate number, etc. And the email was sent at about 9am. The child was found that morning itself. The email circulation was fast. So, if we the public can get such info on our cell phones and be on alert, that would be a great help to the search effort.

I read there's a new case of child rape and murder. Our homes and streets are not safe anymore.


Tembam said…
Hi Sarah, I am adding your blog to the Bloggers for Nurin Alert honour roll. Thanks for your support and stay tuned for future developments.