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Rumah Anak Yatim Darul Izzah

In conjunction with my company's 1st year of active business, we organized an small scale fund-raising to buy stuff for Rumah Anak Yatim Darul Izzah, Bangi. It was just some emails to friends and relatives. We managed to collect RM870. Thank you to all who contributed.

So, yesterday Linda, my eldest sister and me (with Aliyah in tow because she ponteng sekolah hantar my hubby pegi airport early in the morning. He's got work in Trengganu) went to Carrefour Alamanda armed with the cash and 3 trolleys. Itu pun 3 trolleys actually tak cukup. Let's see, we bought food stuff like cooking oil, sugar, flour, potatoes, etc all in huge quantities. We also bought daily needs like soap, detergent, tooth brush, etc. By noon, just pushing the trolleys took so much effort as they were bursting with so many stuff. (Note to self: next time must bring extra body). I had to call help from Miqdam and his Ford Ranger because it's almost impossible to put everything into my car.

We then went over to the rumah anak yatim to hand over the stuff. We've never been there before despite passing the place almost everyday. It's situated in Teras Jernang, Bangi right next to a mosque and walking distance to Malaysia-France Institute (MFI). We met up with Liza, the clerk who's in charge of the house. She showed us where the store place is and we started unloading. Then the kids from the house came over to help. Such young kids. They are either yatim (lost a father still with mother) or yatim piatu (lost both parents).

We were told there are 41 boys living at the hostel from all over Malaysia. The criteria for acceptance is being anak yatim and poor. The boys there range from 7-16 years old all schooling around Bangi. The house / hostel is a 2 storey building, very simple and moderate. There's like a courtyard in the middle of the house for activities. We saw a few old battered sofas at the side where the kids can sit around. There's also a library. Everything there is from donations.

We were chatting with Liza at the office when a small boy came asking permission to go to the shop in front. We were told he's the youngest of all kids - 7 years old and he lives there with his brother - standard 6. They are from Perak still with a mother but the mother is poor and couldn't raise the boys. Such a cute and shy little boy you can't believe he's lost his father, being apart from his mother and taken care of by his 12 year old brother.

The rumah anak yatim needs RM17,000 a month for operations. It's being backed by this list of people whom I believe are UKM lecturers - the names are mostly Dr, etc. If you feel like donating, here's their Maybank account number: 5622 63010212 (Pertubuhan Anak Yatim & Kebajikan Darul Izzah).

Seeing the boys I can't help to feel so blessed with what I have in life, and blessed with what I can provide my daughter. It was such an eye-opener. It was a satisfying and fun "activity" for us to celebrate our company's 1st anniversary and we plan to do this again.


dcharmed said…
Alhamdulillah, Good work kak niza! ;) God Bless you!
Anonymous said…
We are very blessed indeed.

Dan terasa malu sebab masih tidak cukup bersyukur, sebaliknya banyak complain dari yg besar benda sampai ke kecil matters.

Saya berazam dan akan berusaha untuk lebih bersyukur dan lebih bersabar ....
Anonymous said…
congrats on the charity work. may god bless you and associates for helping the kids. moga Allah murahkan rezeki utk berbakti di masa hadapan.
Aniza said…
Thanks for all your the doa and encouragements :) Really appreciate it.