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Jangan Cepat Melompat

I don't know whether you get a mail titled: "Mereka Mula Mencabar" in your mailbox. It's actually a newspaper cutting of job advertisement by Metro Kajang - see tiny weeny image below. The sender circled one of the requirements ie "Those who are in the Muslim faith need not apply". Never mind the grammar.

So, seperti biasa, without even reading the whole advert, people started to forward the email. With comments that can spark religious debates. And yang forward tu of course lah Melayu. Kenapa lah kita ni suka sangat melompat tanpa usul periksa. Dah tak ada kerja lagi ke kat office tu?

Let's read in between the lines shall we, literally. The jobs (not all vacancies) that do not want Muslims to apply says: "... must have working experience in retail industry relating to meat products". Now, let's think logically:
1. Need experience in meat industry
2. Muslims must not apply
See the connection here? Pandai...

So, yang marah-marah sebab company ni tak bagi orang Islam apply tu kenapa? Nak sangat ke kerja kat kilang proses daging tu?


Anonymous said…
i got that email too, and also a so-called reply from the company in response to query from an individual. a reasonable explanation i must say. terburu2 buat conclusion last2 malu sendiri.
Aniza said…
Tu lah kan. Just spend a few more minutes to read and understand doesn't hurt. This one is very stupid. I nak sangat tau who first started the thread so that I can give that person my piece of mind. I'm just so "through" with people who don't use their brains. From policemen yang letak otak atas kepala lutut to people yang forward emails without understanding and try to provoke unrest.
Dcharmed said…
Huhuh if u realized, today dalam The star, the metro kajang has adevertised the apology regarding this matter... Still, I think they have at least actually helped those Muslim to do not apply the job because they know the reason... Like you mentioned herelah.

Macam kes concert MUSE in KL dululah, sponsored by tiger beer,Non Muslim not allowed to enter the concert, still ramai jek anak2 muslim kita yang masuk... and that, takde pulak orang nak forward2 email???! Huh... ntah2 ape ntah diorang ni... Beselah.. typical malay!
Aniza said…
Saw the ad in some Malay newspapers too. They have to apologize and it's a good PR work. Tapi kan, it just reflects back on Muslims la kan. It's either you get it or you don't when you read the ad. Kalau hati tu penuh dgn syak wasangka, mmg la terus melatah. But if use brains, straight away one knows what kind of job that is. Kalau byk energy & masa sgt, byk lagi issue lain yg boleh debate like you said kan.