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Home Alone

 Anak comel's absence means that I don't have kawan makan for lunch. Usually lah. Unless it's Friday and Hubbs tak ada meeting kat client's office, he would come back home for solat Jumaat and lunch. The first few days I ordered FoodPanda. Lepas 2-3 hari tekak pun tak lalu. Selalu sedap je tapi makan sorang-sorang ni kurang selera sikit. Last-last masak saja apa ada dalam fridge. Selalunya nasi goreng. Itu paling senang dan cepat. I memang ada selalu ada sambal gesek home-made so itu dileburkan saja tambah telur, sayur apa ada dan goreng nasi. Settle! Since I don't have to worry about anybody's lunch, I usually sleep in. My insomnia is really bad these days. The other night I took sleeping pill that I have not taken in months. Memang rasa mengantuk. Tapi golek-golek saja. In the end, tetap tidur ikut my normal hours i.e around 3am-4am. So, I ganti that sleeping hours after Hubbs goes to work. Dapat 2-3 jam pun dah cukup baik.  What do I do when I'm home alon
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Kuantan Trip

 Our little group of achik-achik went for a trip to Kuantan on the 8th till 10th last 2 weeks. We had such a blast! As usual there was no specific itinerary. The plan was just to eat, eat and eat. But we "accidentally" had an adventure and it was awesome. That's what travel is all about.  I spent the night before at Mas's place. Anak comel couldn't send me morning of the trip because she was sitting for exam while Hubbs had to work. Enal was traveling to the Balkans so it was kind of a girls' sleepover. We started the day early by going to Hartini's for breakfast while waiting for Ies and Jay to arrive. Kat Hartini nasi lemak bungkus pun sedap Naik Outlander Mas First pit stop - Go Bang Maju Temerloh. Ambik food macam kat Ikea. We had patin tempoyak, patin pais tempoyak and talapia bakar. The pais was so sedap! We then continued our journey to Kuantan. Stop kat Gambang isi minyak then it was my turn to drive. Tuan kereta kata dia mengantuk sebab kenyang sa

A Tour of Our Home

 I'm taking you on a tour of a small apartment we now call home... It has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Yup, one bathroom for each of us! We let anak comel take the master bedroom. It is slightly bigger to accommodate her study table and bookshelf. She's going to be 21 this year. Never know when her jodoh will be. Might as well she gets the biggest bedroom. Hubbs and I occupy the 2nd bedroom which is actually just nice with attached bathroom. The 3rd bedroom is the common room. It has the biggest wardrobe (5 doors) where we put most of our stuff, serves as ironing room and my sewing room.  Our entrance. We seldom turn on the lights here because there is enough lighting from the corridor. In fact, the house has so much natural lighting our electricity bill is half than before! Alhamdulillah... Dining area and living area. Lampu tu baru pasang about 2-3 weeks ago. The balcony is at the living room where we can all share. That's the main reason why we chose this instead of the o

Introducing... Our New Home

 We officially moved in to the new house on 26 February bringing with us loads of suitcases, boxes and things stuffed into black plastic bags. Like I mentioned before, we only brought with us 2 study tables and 2 bookshelves from the old house. Selling a corner-lot double storey house and buying a 1044sqft apartment meant that we have quite a nice sum of "leftover" to be used to furnish the new place. However, we had to bear living in a "not-so-completed" house for almost 2 months before everything was finally finished. That meant dust (a lot of dust!) and nerve wrecking drilling noise! Alhamdulillah, berkat our patience, now our house is very cozy and I must say beautiful.  The journey was quite winding. At first, we opted for a place just next door. It was slightly bigger, a bit more expensive (even though still below market price) and just about 2 years of completion. However, just a few days after, one fine afternoon after Asar prayers, I was down with anxiety a