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Very Short Trip to PD

 Ever since anak comel found out that she's actually not allergic to prawns, she's been eating them quite regularly. Kadang-kadang kalau jumpa fresh ones di Aeon, dia akan mintak beli untuk masak butter prawns. Our simple version of butter prawns is prawns sauteed in butter with garlic, cili padi and daun kari. Dah cukup sedap. Kalau nak jadikan dia buttermilk prawns, tambah saja susu cair. Tapi yang dia paling suka buttermilk prawns di Restoren Hisham Raus just nearby. Agak pricey sebab guna tiger prawns tapi bila tengok dia makan memang puas hati. Guna tangan saja dan most of the time, nasi pun licin. We thought she would enjoy prawns at the seafood restaurant we went to at Port Dickson last time, so we planned a short trip down there last weekend. Since Hubbs kena habiskan annual leave, we went there on Friday. Hoping for less people. Itinerary sama saja macam yang sebelum ni! Cuma tempat saja berbeza. I jumpa beachfront studio ie Tanjung Tuan Regency. Reviews kata OK so boo
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 Anak comel is back home for her three-week mid-semester break. Rasanya first time mid-semester break lama macam ni. Selalunya seminggu je. Having her around means that I have kawan lunch. Boleh lah keluar makan or if delivery pun have something nice. Kalau tak tu asyik buat nasi goreng je! Her break ends this weekend though... sunyi lah Mommy dia lepas ni... Our country welcomed its 10th prime minister last week. PRU15 was held on 19th November. I have faith in our new PM and hope the new cabinet ministers to be announced very soon will consists of good and smart people. Insyaallah. Doakan jangan condemn je. Bila negara nak maju kalau semua benda tak kena? SPR guna inai Neelofa ke apa ni? Semangat agak tinggi bulan lepas pergi jogging. Dapatlah dalam 3-4 kali seminggu. Alhamdulillah no problem with breathing or heartbeat. Breathless sebab penat tu biasa lah sebab tak fit. I try to go beyond 5kms. Dapatlah juga 6kms ++. Target this month nak try 7kms pulak.  Walaupun tak berjaya buat 2


 Two other birthdays celebrated end September and in October - Hubbs's and anak comel's.  For Hubbs, he got his birthday present way early. I bought for him Skecher's sandals during the 9.9 sale (me and my crazy voucher claiming, game playing and coins collecting antics on Shopee because I'm always the one buying stuff for the house!) and  made that his birthday present. Beli masa sale memang murah! And for his birthday celebration, we celebrated a week early because anak comel balik hostel. Since he's the one driving, we told him to drive to Alamanda because that's where we'll have his birthday lunch. That morning, anak comel and I sempat berlakon gaduh-gaduh sikit pasal tempat nak makan tu. Siap "ter-slip" bagitau yang nak pergi Nando's. So Hubbs dah cakap dia nak makan half chicken. On the way ke Nando's, depan Seoul Garden we dragged him in! The birthday lunch was at Seoul Garden. That really took him by surprise. Pandai anak comel and

Finally Cured My SVT, Insyallah

 I was diagnosed with SVT in July 2020. One fine afternoon, my heartbeat just went skyrocket at 190-185 without any reason. I tried resting but it didn't work. Anak comel was having her online class at that time, so I went to the clinic myself. All the while Hubbs was in close communication from his office. At the clinic, our usual doctor, Dr Faizah immediately wrote a referral letter to Hospital Serdang, at the same time scolding me for driving to the clinic by myself. Hubbs came home, took me to the hospital, and I was wheeled to the red zone. I was given an injection (so &%$#@ painful) that supposedly restarted my heart and after that my heartrate became normal. That's how I got to know that I actually have SVT. The cardio specialist told me I might be born with the condition but when I was younger, I might not be aware of it and my heartrate became normal on its own. Bila dah tua-tua ni dia jadi degil sikit kot. I remembered I had one bout of SVT when anak comel was sma

I Think I Missed These... Part 2

 I managed to catch up with geng achik-achik a few times during the time I was not well. They have helped cheer me up in our WA group. Even when they just talked among themselves about nonsense, I was gladly entertained. In December, I remember feeling so terrible I couldn't bear it anymore that I called An Nur Hospital to set appointment with the psychiatry unit. I desperately wanted an appointment the next day but I was told the doctor doesn't take new cases. The earliest appointment I could get was the day after with another doctor. I had one day to kill and to a person with such condition, a day can equal to endless hours of agony. I messaged Mas telling her I was really sick and she immediately set to meet me right there and then. We met at IOI City Mall, had lunch, just talked about our families and friends, no mention at all about my condition until the end of our lunch. Itu pun because I suddenly felt sick and suffocated with the surrounding that I told Mas I need to go

I Think I Missed These... Part 1

 The 5 months plus I didn't update anything here meant that I missed recording a lot of things. I went through my Whatsapp gallery and found loads of photos I didn't upload to my Google Photos. I didn't make it automatic like before because there were too many junks. Anyway, I need to update here so that I won't forget, insyaallah. So, here goes. 21st March was anak comel's graduation ceremony. She finally earned her Diploma in Accounting. By then, she has actually started her degree.  I realised she's a big, big girl now after seeing this... We bought her that bouquet as a surprise. I handed her the flowers as she walked pass after receiving her scroll. Her friends came over too and gave her the balloons. This picture is so beautiful I pray she will succeed in her degree. Insyaallah. I booked our little family a retreat to Port Dickson early December last year but had to cancel as that very weekend we were supposed to go, I started that sickness that made me em